Hands On Class for beginner, immediate, and non-makeup artists who are seeking to develop/and or sharpen their makeup skills to achieve an everyday makeup application on their own.

(Available Monday- Thursday)

Part 1 of this service, will include personal makeup shopping done for you. All products will be recommended based off of a filled questionnaire that will allow Desiree to learn the overall goal of your session. A budget list will be created so that you will have the necessary products and tools needed to create a simple everyay makeup look. You may also bring products that you already own, but do not know how to use. Part 2 of this service, is an hands-on one on one session for 90 minutes. Course topics will include:

-Brow Sculpting

-Eye Shadow Blending

-Skin Care Pre- Application

-Product Placement

-Blending Techinques/ Contour/Highlighting

-Neutral Glam vs. Full Glam Application


To schedule your session, click the link below.