Create Your Own Life

"Create Your Own Life"
I know some of you might be a little hesitate about the topic above. As a society, all we eat, sleep, breath is "Corporate America". All we know is to give our entire lives from 9-5 day in and day out. We sacrifice our happiness, drive, and integrity for a company that ultimately views you only as an employee. Today, my purpose of this blog, is to inform you that it is absolutely okay to create your own life. For years, generations after generations, have been lead to believe that a structured life is the only way to live. Think about this for a second and ask yourself this question. Does the company you work for really value you as an employee? If the company had a lay off, would you be included in the group? Employees are let go from their jobs without a care in the world. Now ask yourself, is all of the work you put into this company worth the headache and stress after being laid off? You put all of your hard work and dedication into something that's not yours, while you could have been investing that time, hard work, and dedication into yourself that will create unlimited amount of income for you, your family, and generations to come. Now let me clarify, I am not saying to go into work tomorrow and quit your job. I am not saying this at all. What I am saying is that it is okay to take steps to be able to live the life that you would like. If you have a special talent or skill that has always been in the back of your mind, pull it out and start working on that talent or skill everyday. You want to master it. Set aside the time after work and work on that craft. Think about business ventures you could create. Ventures, that will allow you to drop your 9-5 and generate access income that will allow you to create the life you've always dreamed off. 

So, now that I have your attention, it is time to plan. Think long and hard of what skills you were gifted with and set goals. Write everything down on paper. Goals that are written down on paper will become a reality. Next, figure out what has to be done to take the necessary steps to make your goals happen. Then, manifest those goals. Feed those goals nothing but positive energy and positive thoughts. As easy, as this sounds, there will be times where you will think about giving up. The important key is take it day by day.. Follow your heart, dreams, and believe in what you are destined to do. You got this!


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